Detecting and reporting Duplicate Content

Original content is the foundation of every good site, but how to check originality in percentage. When detecting “duplicate content” may help find With this simple tool will be able to find out if the content of our site has not been copied somewhere. Unique content is particularly important when positioning. Search CopyScape allows you to rate the content of the page resembles the content on other sites. Since the search is based on short phrases you always need to check the results manually. The tool works pretty decently but you would not wish to find a copy of your pages / articles.

Where to report illegal copies of our site:

If our content is protected by copyright, such misconduct must be reported on pages Conversely, if we want only remove found a copy, visit the following address:

https: / /

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Sitemap generator

Even the Googlebot (the crawler) may have problems finding certain pages of our site. Because we should depend on the fact that our site was fully visible in search engines, we should make our site map. The implementation of such a helpful site map are different sitemap generators (sitemaps). The best free solution I think, is a generator available at, very large configuration options should satisfy everyone.


  • Option to exclude images with maps of the site.
  • Option to take account of the robots.txt file and tags nofollow.
  • Set address filter.
  • Set the depth of the search page.
  • Set the time delay in the polling site.
  • Ability to edit the resulting map of the site (such as adding a negative filter certain pages).
  • Export site map to multiple formats, including standard

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SEO – Do It Yourself

SEOLow price positioning offered to us by some companies do not necessarily go hand in hand with high quality services. On the other hand, not everyone can afford expensive for the employment of a specialist. Additionally, we can not really be convinced of the effectiveness and efficiency of site optimization for search engines. One of the cheapest solution will be to look for SEO tips and self-engaging them in life. Of course, in such a way that the biggest expense will be blessed by our time. At the same time acquired the knowledge that later can be very helpful for example when choosing a company specializing in search engine optimization.

At the beginning

A good way to improve its image on the internet will be … improve / complement their own page. Verify that our website contains current information, there may not be on it more precise description of our business. If we can add a picture / text to describe our services we need to do it. Read more

Cheap SEO – are you sure you can afford it?

Tanie seo

At the beginning we should ask if there is such thing as cheap SEO? Answer can only be one, yes. A better question is, what is behind a low-cost SEO? It is not true that the low cost of such services must involve poor quality of it. Does such a SEO Service will have desire and time to explain to us what is his job? Do they tell us what solutions / phrases will be best for our company? There are of course still many questions that we might ask. But everything boils down in the end to question, is such positioning has been profitable for us. I am confident that our further co-operation with the SEO Service Provider will depend of what we achieve.

Are you sure you can afford?


We want to position our site for the phrase “aaa”. Such a phrase seems to us best for our business. Read more

Interactive site – how to revive our site

Jak wyróżnić się z tłumuI think everyone from time to time feel the need to make changes in our environment, there is include web pages. It is advisable to make changes (sometimes even small) so our users do not get bored . One proposal is a small gadget that appears on the website. This may be an additional fixed menus that appear when I lose sight of the main menu. On the you can see the effect this gadget.

1. What is to be found in our fixed box?

You can put there additional menu or link to a related article ?

Our box:

<div class="menu_bottom">

and CSS of box Read more


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