Cheap SEO – are you sure you can afford it?

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At the beginning we should ask if there is such thing as cheap SEO? Answer can only be one, yes. A better question is, what is behind a low-cost SEO? It is not true that the low cost of such services must involve poor quality of it. Does such a SEO Service will have desire and time to explain to us what is his job? Do they tell us what solutions / phrases will be best for our company? There are of course still many questions that we might ask. But everything boils down in the end to question, is such positioning has been profitable for us. I am confident that our further co-operation with the SEO Service Provider will depend of what we achieve.

Are you sure you can afford?


We want to position our site for the phrase “aaa”. Such a phrase seems to us best for our business. We learn from the SEO service ( provide low-cost SEO ) that work on such a phrase will cost us between 30 – 50 E per month depending on the position. After some time, our site is on 1st place. Number of visitors to our site increases significantly (say, 200 people per month, 0.25 E per entry), but somehow this does not translate to our income. On average in the month we had 3 clients “from the internet”, “positioning costs us 18 E for a client. Depending on business profile such costs may be more or less. In this case, everything seems to work fine.

Can not be better?

In 99% of cases the answer is yes. The changes should start from our page, which we intend to optimize. The SEO Service must first audit the site and advise / offer changes or say that the site meets the standards for SEO.


  • Is our site is properly made?
  • Is fulfills all / most of the recommendations to optimize your page for search engines?

Well done site has a chance to climb on top. If we do not climb to top of our phrase, perhaps we will get the podium with 10 other simpler phrases. Is also an opportunity to find a niche, not only in search phrases but also for our business.


“Obvious”? Probably not. Choice of phrase is the most important, if it is the “best” what are the other phrase?

  • Is phrase “aaa bbb” not often searched then phrase “aaa bbb”?
  • Does the phrase “aaa” is periodically strong, maybe a better phrase would be weaker but stable, “bbb”?
  • How many people who visit our site looking for “aaa” will find what you they looking?

Our site, selling only men’s shoes, on phrase “shoes” may be that only 5% of the 1,000 people who visited our store purchases from us (50 people). If we on the phrase “men’s shoes”, our website will be visit by only 200 people but 50% of them would purchases something at our shop (100 persons).

The method of positioning:

Are you sure that the best for us is to gain the best place for a some phrase in a search engine? Is the SEO service taught us that there are other methods of get customers online? Do they explain to us what is Google Maps, AdWords, social networking sites and building the brand of our company on the Internet.


Supposed to be cheap, cheap SEO, and it turned out that for a 1 visit we pay 0.50 E. Theoretically, this is not a lot but it’s very possible that by using AdWords price per visit can be 0.20 E. Supposed to be cheap and it was, but it could be even cheaper.

Cheap SEO – are you sure you can afford it?

Feel free to discuss :)

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