Generate RSS feeds for sites without RSS

It sometimes happens that a regularly updated web pages do not have an RSS feed, so how to cope when not suit us constantly visiting the site for new content. As in most cases and the situation is out, and even a couple of different outputs.

Available solutions:

1st Feedity RSS Feed Generator

Offers the possibility of a simple verification, which are part of the articles. After selecting the link, which is a link to the article, we can suspect the filtered articles. There is also the option to choose which parts of the html code containing the title and description of the new article. After defining these filters, we can move on to the window with the available subscription options. Feedity in my case it worked best in RSS are just the latest articles.

2nd Page2RSS

Easy to use RSS feed generator, in addition to typing the address, we do not have anything set. Working properly, or notify us of any changes on the site, unfortunately all changes. In addition to articles or get information about changes in the sidebar (for example, recently added links, images).

3rd Czytnik Google

When you change the language to English becomes available option, “Create Feed” when adding new subscriptions sites without RSS. Unfortunately, it proved that this feature does not work at the test site. A bit of a pity …

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