Multilingual blog and the Global Translator

I’d like to share with you how I conducted the test results, conduct the test of the blog / site in multiple languages. I guess everyone wondered how to attract to your site more users, one way is just running a multilingual blog. During the test, I checked two ways:

1st The use of automatic translation – Global Translator plugin

2nd Keeping a separate page in another language (content automatically translated using Google Translator)

In the first stage (lasting 4 months), I used your blog to automatically translate pages using this plugin. Here is a brief summary:

Pros Global Translator

* Increasing the number of visits by 20% – 40%
* Translation of content into about 15 languages, or more
* Automation of the translation process, saves time

Cons Global Translator

* Poor quality of translated content
* The lack of translation of meta tags, keywords and description
* Lack of translation of descriptions photos
* There is no translation url
* The emergence of thousands of crawl errors in Google Webmaster Tools
* Work properly
* Weaknesses in placing flags on the images (placing multiple small images), strengthens the keyword “flag” (based on the Google Toolbar)
* If additional display AdSense ads on the page, we need to reduce the number of translations to comply with these rules AdSense
* Free indexing of pages translated (over 1 month)

Summing up the use of Global Translator is the easiest solution, but hard to estimate how Google will receive service emergence huge amount crawl errors on our website.

As already mentioned, another method is to conduct “a separate” blog in a foreign language. Unfortunately I could not find a running plugin allowing running a blog in several languages (April 2010). So I decided that it will put a separate installation of WordPress’ in the subdirectory / en /. Here are the test results:

Pros separate page

* 100% control over the quality of the interpretation
* We can choose to translate the
* 4 fold increase in traffic in the English language (compared to the untranslated using Global Translator)
* Increasing the number of visits by 10 – 20%
* A full translation of the page (with links, meta tags, descriptions, images)
* Quickly index pages translated (comparable to the speed of indexing in the home language)

Cons separate page

* It takes some time to conduct
* Conducting parties in the few languages
* HR for separate installation of the modernization of the whole work party takes almost 2x more time
* Less than the number of visitors using the plug-in


Keeping internationalization (even in the domain. Com) increase traffic by at least 10%. When choosing the method of conduct of the parties in other languages should be aware of the benefits or losses they may bring. You can only assume that a combination of these two methods, or separate page in English and machine translation into other languages, would give the best results.

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