SEO – Do It Yourself

SEOLow price positioning offered to us by some companies do not necessarily go hand in hand with high quality services. On the other hand, not everyone can afford expensive for the employment of a specialist. Additionally, we can not really be convinced of the effectiveness and efficiency of site optimization for search engines. One of the cheapest solution will be to look for SEO tips and self-engaging them in life. Of course, in such a way that the biggest expense will be blessed by our time. At the same time acquired the knowledge that later can be very helpful for example when choosing a company specializing in search engine optimization.

At the beginning

A good way to improve its image on the internet will be … improve / complement their own page. Verify that our website contains current information, there may not be on it more precise description of our business. If we can add a picture / text to describe our services we need to do it. A good idea for improving our Web presence is to conduct a thematic blog. News / news / guides related to the sector will not only increase the number of visitors of our site but also increase our credibility with potential clients.


Cooperation with local companies on an exchange basis to minimize the cost of services while developing. An example of such cooperation could be declared as such by the graphic design of advertising in exchange for SEO. Once again, our time turns out to be priceless. People willing to exchange, you can look at industry forums, of course, we can not be impudent.


Thematic reading blogs, tracking the threads on the forums and discussions on Twitter allows us to keep an eye on. Obtained thanks to new contacts and knowledge, which certainly will use in the future.


It is very likely that someone from our friends also runs the website on the internet, we should ask is whether or not to put a link to our site.

Do you have any other ideas on “Positioning – do it yourself?” :)

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