Site Optimization – Google and the loading page time

Already some time ago, Google announced that one of the many parameters that affect our position in the search results page is the page loading speed. There are many tools by which we can check our website is optimally written. The speed of page loads you can see, among others. allowance for using YSlow provided by Yahoo or additive Page Speed from Google. Both of these plug-ins to easily provide us with data about the causes of problems and how to solve them. Will that be enough? How to check how our Uncle Google will receive and whether it was a good result returned by these additives somehow translates to the reception? Google has long provided the tool with which we can at least in an approximate way to find out how our site sees Big Brother Google. Tool “Performance Sites” is available in the “Webmaster Tools” in the “laboratory.” Available data on the page load speeds are not very accurate and probably flawed, but they should not be ignored. If the chart we looked at the data saying that our page loads, for example, more than 10 seconds should respond as soon as possible.

Example 1

The appearance of the chart for my website allows you to moderate optimism [2.2 s]), enjoys a good result all the more so because it is the result of work carried out on site in March.

Optymalizacja strony - czas ladowania
Site Optimization – Recharge

Time is the speed of loading pages in the graph is averaged [is the average load time of your crawled pages in the domain] which is an additional advantage in complex pages.

Example 2

Typically, however, the situation is not as “flat”.

Optymalizacja strony - czas ładowania - przykład 2
Site Optimization – charging time – an example 2

Mostly, unfortunately, this chart looks rather like the one above. In this case, we should examine our site in search of errors such as Non-optimized final part of the graphics on the pages …

Example 3

In some cases, the chart can alert us about the consequences of such changes on the pages.

Optymalizacja stron - czas ładowania  - przykład 3
Optimization of the parties – the loading time – an example 3

The graph shows clearly the “response” to install a plug-in parts of pages. Of course, changes can be more severe example, after the installation of a newer version of the engine is based on what our party, or after significant modifications graphics.

Examples can be multiplied, and how you look at the chart? :)

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