[Solved] WordPress MultiSite + Domain Mapping – too slow

IdeaFor some time I have manage a few pages with WordPress MultiSite. Unfortunately, despite optimization of code and graphics sites running on WordPress MultiSite, loaded more slowly (approximately 1900 ms – a whole page) from those operating on standard instalation (800 ms). I did not care too much, blame the already heavily loaded server. I was also convinced that shown on the chart, the average page download times (Google Webmaster Tools), will be a much better after activating WP Super Cache plugin. Unfortunately, even setting of the appendix (with an indication of support options for plug-in WordPress MU Domain Mapping) did not bring good results.

The first part of the plan, the launch of cache, failed. So I decided see the reason slow site loading. It turned out that in a plug-in configuration and settings, strange things happen.


Plug-ins installed and running:

* WordPress MU Domain Mapping
* WP Super Cache (with support WordPress MU Domain Mapping)

In addition:

* Logged in user visiting the page in a domain other than the home network domain. The most important case :)

Strange behavior:

* Send request to the main network domain (time about 1100 ms). Request course error.


* After a long search it turned out to be additive WordPress MU Domain Mapping which sends a query to the core network domain. This query was designed to log all the Web domain pages simultaneously. Of course, said the plugin has the ability to configure, but in conjunction with WP Super Cache configuration, that point seems to be overlooked.


* Disabling / code responsible for the error request.


* Locate the file: / wp-content/mu-plugins/domain_mapping.php
* In looking for “remote_login_js_loader” function.
* And now we can comment out the contents of a function (or only part of the responsibility for writing a – echo request). The second option is to locate all calls to this function, and their withdrawal.

After such treatments the parties operate normally. Now it only remains to enjoy the benefits of WordPress MS and look how the transfer of other pages on WP MS:)

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  1. Thanks a lot for this fix. I wandered for 4 weeks what was the issue and why my site would load so slowly. Thanks.

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