Test Skype on the phone with Symbian OS

At the beginning of March, Nokia has made available on the shelves store Ovi free application versions Skype for mobile running Symbian OS. Waiting a long time I decided to test this version of messenger and see what available options. A pleasant surprise was to make possible the exercise of voice calls with Skype contacts on the wifi (current version only make available to chat). So let’s get to the particulars:

  • 30 minutes of voice calls sent and downloaded the 2.2 MB of data
  • maximum instantaneous speed of sending / receiving data was 5KB / s
  • a new text message by default, we are alerted by the vibration + sound
  • upon receipt of the application window is maximized, so we can not see changes
  • my interlocutors pointed to much better quality of my voice (compared to the laptop’s built-in microphone and a separate microphone podpinanego)
  • at the same time running Skype on your computer and phone notifications, and chat conversations appear on both devices, the call is synchronized on both applications
  • intuitive application

It remains only to check how long you hold out your phone battery is permanently connected to the wireless network. If the endurance testing of Muscle is successful it will be very interesting solution for people who often use this application in wireless network coverage.

All tests carried out on a Nokia e71. Unfortunately, this model does not support video calls :(

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