The program features

The simulation takes place on the table (the forest) to the default size of 200 × 200 cells. By default, the startup generates a random forest, it is possible to generate it on the basis of the loaded satellite pictures of land. Picture is scaled to the size of 200 × 200 pixels, but if the picture is smaller, the forest will be less. Any cell can be set on fire by clicking on it, if the Panel Editor is selected Radio Button “Fire”. After the start of the fire simulation, depending on the conditions and environment of burning cells will be promoted, or possibly go out.

Of course it is possible to also control the wind and humidity. Changes are possible during the simulation. Preview wind is available on a special map.

Symulacja pożaru lasu - sterowanie

Symulacja pożaru lasu - panel edycji

Accessible through the editing panel, it is possible to modify the forest that allows to create new trees, roads or rivers. It applies, among others. in the planning of corridors to prevent the propagation of fire. Editing is possible only at the retention time simulation.

Symulacja pożaru lasu - panel statystyk

The bottom bar is a window panel statistics so you can track the status of any cell during the simulation.To select a cell without changing it, the Editor must be deselected all the options.

Symulacja pożaru lasu - panel kreatora

After loading / creation of new forest is possible to define all the parameters of the simulation parameters and provide pictures in a special wizard. Thanks correctly calculated the coefficients of simulatedforest. Calculated is the actual size of the forest / cells, and the real time it takes one iteration (based on the amount of information which made picture).

A simple wizard can also:

  • determine the average density for each cell,
  • determine the time of year,
  • type of forest:
    • deciduous,
    • coniferous
    • mixed.

The effects of simulation can be saved to a graphics file for later analysis or re-load. You can also directly load satellite images from GoogleMaps, but the road must be highlighted in yellow (the default in Google Maps). We highly recommend removing the pictures of all the unnecessary objects (boundaries, Place Brand) because they will affect the wrong image identification.

Counted as forest size and cell?

The Google Earth allows you to measure the size of what is observed, in addition to knowing what amount of land that we observe can be counted angle “view”. It is 60 degrees wider and 45 degrees vertically. Assuming that the picture is made at right angles to the surface it is possible to calculate the dimensions of the area viewed based on the amount of which made the picture.

Is counted as an iteration length?

Maximum spread of the forest is 60km per day, so knowing the size of the area and setting the weather conditions on the optimal assignment can be conducive to a specific time for one-step simulation. Dozen trials for various sizes of the forest in favorable conditions enabled the appointment of a linear relationship between cell size and the number of iterations needed to overcome the fire 60km per day.

Symulacja pożaru lasu - panel statystyk pełny
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