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Modeling crowd behavior has become very popular in recent years. Initiated by innovative film productions were used in many research projects, for example, analyzing the behavior of molecules, complex systems.

We created a simulator to allow the programming of complex behaviors of individual users and whole groups. Use it multiagentowego system allows you to grant the individual characteristics of single individuals, which allows for experimental testing of whole masses of behavior in situations. Such as escape from burning buildings, but also cooperation in the field.
Using three-dimensional graphics to visualize the behavior of agents makes it possible to use the applications to create animations.




Artur Kosztyła

Piotr Jakubas


To work on a project inspired by our film trilogy “Lord of the Rings”, and it showed exactly the battle scenes. After a brief diagnosis, we managed to find out what techniques were used to create these wonderful shots. The battle scenes, the system uses a multi agentowy, combined with a well developed network of state and motion capture techniques. So we decided to check “how hard can it be.”

Behind us the targets:

We wanted to create a simple tool for advanced modeling of crowd behavior. Such a tool would be used in sociological behavior of groups of people, such as during the evacuation from a burning building, or a panic flight simulation in a straight battle.

The design of the program:


To visualize the behavior Jave3d crowd we used to create three-dimensional space in which to move our agents. In addition, we decided to use multilevelness land, which allowed us to design more complex areas (eg multi-storey buildings, mountainous areas, indoor). The whole program is written in accordance with the MVC methodology, making it possible to change the display of our world and the agents.

Two words about the agents:

Creations of our agents are characterized by an ability to take “inteligentych” decisions based on the environment in which they currently are. Based on the information gathered can change your goal, such as an enemy to flee if the advantage is too large, follow the exit from a burning building. Visual range and scope of agents in which they can fight (range weapons) is limited.

Zasięg widzenia agenta - symulator multiagentowyAgent’s visual range – the simulator multiagentowy

For the purpose of fighting, you can change the amount of individual life of each of the agents and the amount of damage they inflict. In addition, each agent “remembers” some of the information, and has a clearly defined condition in which it is located.

Algorithm for mobility agents:

We have created an algorithm to move the three-dimensional field agents, is resistant to seizure agents, such as in a corner or at the door. The algorithm is based on the agents’ space discretization, which enabled to carry out a number of different algorithms to optimize the movement of the agent.

The movement of agents:

YouTube Preview Image

The film presents a basic algorithm for mobility agents closed on a flat surface.


Algorithm 1 – track:

YouTube Preview Image

The film shows the effects of the tracking algorithm, which consists in simplifying the selected by each of the agents of one of the neighbors and try to maintain a constant distance from it. Since the agents have a narrower field of view in the first part gather together in small groups, until the very end of the meet at all.

Algorithm 2 – separate groups, avoiding the enemy:

YouTube Preview Image

The film presents an algorithm to move in groups (odróżnionych color), a group of red very cowardly courageous agent must avoid the green team. An example is obviously exaggerated but it clearly shows how cowardly behavior of groups of agents.

Algorithm for 3 – to evacuate the building:

YouTube Preview Image

The film can be observed the appearance of multi-level building with a staircase. A small group of agents is to get out of the building through the exit on the ground floor.

Algorithm 4 – evacuation of the building:

YouTube Preview Image

The evacuation of the building in a slightly larger scale, the agents can choose one of four staircases to reach the ground floor of the building. Emergency exit is the only one on the ground floor.

Algorithm 5 – a simulation of the battlefield:

YouTube Preview Image

The film presents the full use of our simulator and its functions to simulate the battlefield. There is an grouping of agents, the limited scope of vision, as well as differences in the range of weapons.

And a small bead on the end. Simulation of the battlefield from the Lord of the Rings:

YouTube Preview Image

Referring to the works that inspired us decided to create a simple simulation of the battle shown in the movie “Lord of the Rings.” Two huge armies of elves and orcs, which differ not only increases strength but also the courage, confronted each other in an epic battle :)

Simulator multi agentowy also lived to see the other views, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the newer version of the application.

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