Multiagent Simulator 2

The next scene of the program to model crowd behavior using multi agentowych systems.

Some information about the first version.


Modeling crowd behavior has become very popular in recent years. Initiated by innovative film productions were used in many research projects, for example, analyzing the behavior of molecules, complex systems.
We created a simulator to allow the programming of complex behaviors of individual users and whole groups. Using its system of multi agentowego gives the opportunity to give the individual characteristics of single individuals, which allows for experimental testing of whole masses of behavior in situations. Such as escape from burning buildings, but also cooperation in the field.
Using three-dimensional graphics to visualize the behavior of agents makes it possible to use the applications to create animations.

1st Construction Programme

1.1 Agent characteristics of the individual.

Multi agent simulation 2 - wygląd podstawowyMulti-agent simulation 2 – basic design

Created by our agents have the ability to make autonomous decisions based on environmental conditions, in which it is currently located. Communicate with each other and work together to achieve pre-programmed benefits. We constantly monitor the surroundings and try to react to the changes. They are programmed for multiple functions, whose weight varies depending on the situation (come on, there is also the element of randomness behavior.)

Full animation of agents:

1.2 Agent a soldier – in order to simulate battlefield

Agent soldier has the following attributes:

  • the volume of injury (eg, weapons)
    Multi agent simulation 2 - agent viewMulti-agent simulation 2 – view agent

  • quantity of life and defense (defined as long as the agent may survive in close quarters or under fire)
  • skill and fury (modification of the size of damage and speed charge / flee)
  • courage (defines how many opponents at once, each agent can fight, and when it deems appropriate to save lives)
  • status and speed of movement (condition in which there is an agent, a state consistent with the diagram of states, the rate of movement depends on the state and the inclination of the land)
  • Animation (separate sets of animations for each state)
  • scope of vision and fight (figure on the right illustrates the range of vision, the extent of the fight depends on the type of weapons)
  • collection of statistics (for the purposes of research, there is the possibility to record statistics such as average damage, the road movement, selected targets, and how to implement)

Agents animation is created using 3DS Max, and features a frame or biped’owej character animation.

Multi agent simulation 2 - agent  3ds max bipedMulti-agent simulation 2 – Agent 3ds max biped

1.3 Navigating

  • Algorithm immune to the movement of agents is a “seizure” of agents such as the corners of the building.
  • Multi agent simulation 2 - wielopoziomowy terenMulti-agent simulation 2 – multi terrain

    Discretization of space in which there are agents allows optimization calculations.

  • Agents is a multi-level space, it allows for example to build multi-storey buildings, stairs, slopes of the mountains, indoor areas. Drawing on the right shows the working space of agents.
  • Algorithms to move agents to effectively overcome obstacles.
  • Adapted for simulating the path search algorithms allow our agents to find the escape route even with the maze.

1.4 Stage

  • The relief program modeled using Large 3D Terrain Generator.
    Multi agent simulation 2 - scenaMulti-agent simulation 2 – scene

  • For the purposes of animation created the possibility of downloading various layers of the land of the files easier and quicker to create more advanced buildings such as shown on the left of the castle.
  • The accuracy of the objects that we have achieved is within 20cm x 20 cm x 50 cm.
  • Illustration on the left shows the appearance of working, where there is exactly the “building blocks” from which the building is made. area.

1.5 Visualization

multi-agent-simulation-2-jme2-logo To visualize the terrain and agents, we used the graphics engine jMonkeyEngine v2 (LWJGL). JME Engine also supports animated agents, as well as rendering graphics in movie sequences.

1.6 Rendering

For the purposes of simulation we have created a module responsible for writing the animation to a file. Additional opportunities for directing the camera movements and the possibility of “directing” the behavior of agents, have proved very helpful during the final work. Multi Agent Simulator v2 has been enhanced modules also control the animation speed and number of agents such as frame rate (FPS).

2nd Algorithms

The combat system is modeled on the classic RPG rules, and includes the following elements: skill, speed, distance, amount of defense, the amount of power, rage and the ability to counter attack. Agents “check” if they can see your opponent, and if already see it if they could get to it easily. Where access to the opponent is not possible the agent is trying to withdraw to a safe distance.

2.1 Presentation of the algorithm, mobility and clustering.

YouTube Preview Image

Agents meet in a group following the one of the leaders who are in their field of vision.

2.2 Presentation of the algorithm to escape from the maze.

YouTube Preview Image

Simulation agents to escape from the maze. The film illustrates the ability of our agents to find a way out of enclosed spaces such as buildings, stadiums escape, escape burning buildings.

2.3 Presentation of the algorithm of battle (and struggle to escape)

YouTube Preview Image

In the first part of the film wyreżyserowaliśmy escape of one of the agents, as you can see he is moving much faster for a moment the assailant. In the second part of the film coefficient of courage has been treated as both warriors and clashed.

3rd Final Animations

One of the outcomes of our work are two animations showing the full possibilities MASv2.

YouTube Preview Image

Static animation fight for the castle, the camera placed on the wall.

YouTube Preview Image

Full animation acquisition of the castle. Directed movement of the camera and partly directed activities of agents, but who do not really want to listen to us :)

Full presentation of the project: MultiAgent 2010 v4

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